online_do_sag_analysis:   Dissolved oxygen sag analysis

Rationale                                          Description

Differential equation for DO sag                       Ss = f(T)

Deoxygenation constant kd                 Oxygenation constant ko


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Deoxygenation constant kd (day-1):     
Leave blank to set default kd = 0.2

Oxygenation constant ko (day-1):     
Leave blank to set default ko = 0.6

[Saturation dissolved oxygen is at zero salinity and mean sea level].

Water temperature T (oC) [oF]:     
Leave blank to set default T = 20oC (T = 68oF)

Ratio of dissolved oxygen upstream to dissolved oxygen at saturation Os/Ss:     
Leave blank to set default Os/Ss = 0.9

Stream velocity v (m/s) [ft/s]:     
Leave blank to set default v = 1 m/s (v = 3.28 ft/s)



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